Sarcan's Random Information

I have added this section to be able to document various information that I think you will find useful that doesn't necessarily need a full guide write up.


I spent alot of time trying to determine how your abilities on The Skill Chart (SP) grow based on gear. Keep in mind this is only for the non-percentage abilities.

  • Two Cuts (Blade)
  • Ingenuity (Pistol)
  • Point Blank (Shotgun)
  • Explosive Rounds (Assault Rifle)
  • Overload (Elementalism)
  • Restorative Wards (Blood Magic)
  • Calamity (Chaos)

I discovered that the ability growth is effected by Combat Power and or Healing Power. Combat Power is your Attack Rating + Weapon Power) and you Healing Power is you Healing Rating + Weapon Power. Now for the formulas. Healing Rating can be interchanged with Attack Rating.

Combat Power (Attack Rating + Weapon Power) has a base value of 75.
Attack Rating has a base value of 0
Weapon Power has a base value of 0

Combat Power with only a Weapon equipped
Weapon Power /5 + 75

Combat Power with only Talisman's equipped (This is an approximate value)
Attack Rating /9.335 +75

Combat Power with Weapon and Talisman's equipped should be
Weapon Power / 5 + (Attack Rating / 9.335) +75

However this is where I got stuck. There appears to be a growth that is added the higher you get in combat power. It starts at an extra .1 and grows from there. I am still working on trying to determine what the rest of the formula is based on. If any mathematician type would like to help, I can share what I have thus far.

The good news is that using the formulas I have given thus far, you can plan character development, just know that you will be low in the final Combat Power, but you should be within 1 or 2 points.

Here is an example of the values.

Attack Rating Combat Power
0 75
8 75.9
16 76.7
32 78.4
64 81.9

I will be adding the ability growth for each of the above listed Abilities after I complete some more data gathering; see the chart of how I am gathering the data. Stay tuned for the results….. if you would like to contribute, let me know as gathering this data is very time consuming.

Note: Values of the abilities are gathered at the QL10 Level.

Bags and Bank

Inventory can be expanded by 10 slots per purchase up to 200 slots. Here is the cost break down for all slots.

Bag Slots Bank Slots Cabal Bank Slots
Slots Cost Slots Cost Slots Cost
50 Free 50 Free 100 Free
60 10500 60 10500
70 11000 70 11000
80 14000 80 14000
90 20000 90 20000
100 30500 100 30500
110 47000 110 47000
120 71500 120 71500
130 106000 130 106000
140 151000 140 151000
150 210000 150 210000
160 283500 160 283500
170 347500 170 347500
180 484500 180 484500
190 616000 190 616000
200 771000 200 771000
Total Cost 3174000 Total Cost 3174000

Currently the only Bank is in London at B&D Banking (Coordinates 163, 357). This is also where the Action House, Mail System and Cabal Bank is located.

Run Speed

When you get Ranked with your faction, go to the “Mobility & Tactics Trainer” in your Society Headquarters and buy run speed upgrades called “Quickened Anima”, which increases your total run speed up to the percentage listed.

GREEN Quickened Anima
Speed increase 62.5%
Rank 2
Cost: 100 000 Pax Romana

BLUE Quickened Anima
Speed increase 75%
Rank 5
Cost: 500 000 Pax Romana

PURPLE Quickened Anima
Speed increase 100%
Rank 8
Cost: 1 000 000 Pax Romana

Deck Building and Builds

I have starting using a wonderful site TSW Deck Builder to build my decks beyond my spreadsheet. There is so much great functionality here that allows you to really narrow in on what you want your deck to do and the selection of the abilities. I know in talking with the creator that there are more futures to come, so stay tuned. And since the site is so easy to use, I though I would start documenting some of the decks that I am using here for people to reference.

Beginner Tank Deck
This was my inner ring only beginner tank deck that I used in Polaris. A very nice solo Hammer Chaos Deck to get you through all of Kingsmouth.

Group Hammer Chaos DPS
When I started running with my Cabal, I needed to DPS more and Tank less, so this is what I currently use until I get more abilities for Melee DPS. Great support with the knockdown, AoE and leap to get in the thick of things,

Group Ranged DPS
This is a great low cost Ranged Deck. Idea here is to hit hard with Molten Earth and Thor's Hammer when they off cool down and to consume Elemental Resources with Electrical Storm and Combust at 5 resources when Thor's Hammer on CD. But wait, you have Anima Charge that will allow you to cast you next consumer for free, so every other rotation you will be able to cast Thor's Hammer, Electrical Storm and Combust all at once. And with Probability increasing your damage output and or reducing your damage input, it makes it a perfect compliment to this ranged deck. Don't forget to consume your Chaos Resources when it safe to get in melee range with Schism, especially when you target below 35% health to asssit in the burn phase. This is a deck that will benefit from a lot of Crit and Hit.

Hammer DPS - Crit Theme
Built this deck to capitalize on Crit triggers. The idea is to hit hard, crit, hit even harder so things die really fast.

Elemental-Hammer DPS
Trying out the ranged DPS with Melee AoE for grop dungeon running. Certain Bosses have swarms of Adds that leave ranged DPS running scared. Lets see if this will make things a bit smoother. Premise of the deck is to take advantage of teh Afflict state with the AoE oh ShxT abilities.

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