Yokai - Call to arms! Protest this exploit!

I'm reproducing a post here from the official forums this morning that I fully expect the Forum mods there to delete in very short order. I am, however, not reproducing the full details of how to do the exploit itself. Bear with me here, I'll have more to say after the quoted part.

Get Epic Geared Now!

Dear The se­cret world Com­mu­nity,

As you may know, there is a buggy me­chanic that al­lows bosses to du­pli­cate after suf­fi­cient wipes. This works one both in­stanced/non in­stanced bosses. If you've been in­spect­ing your fel­low play­ers like I have, you'll no­tice there are some play­ers have near full 10.3/10.4 cus­tomed gear with blue and EPIC signets. Here is how I be­lieve the ma­jor­ity of them ob­tained their gear:

In the sec­ond boss of Hell Raised Night­mare Mode, [redacted] Cor­roder, he'll begin to mul­ti­ply in num­bers. (It seems from test­ing, it helps if your group are [redacted].) Even­tu­ally, you'll end up with a mas­sive Cor­roder cen­tipede along the fiery tun­nel. How many you wish to du­pli­cate is up to you, but know this. Once you begin to kill one, you can­not du­pli­cate any­more.

When you are happy with your re­sults, you begin to pull one through the fol­low­ing steps: [redacted]
4) Rinse and Re­peat. Gl with your bul­lions and Glyph Kits

Now, a sim­i­lar process to this Works on nu­mer­ous other bosses. Yes, even LAIR bosses. That is how nu­mer­ous groups have farmed blue/epic signets al­ready. Cor­roder is sim­ply the eas­i­est boss to farm. [redacted]
As al­ways ex­ploit at your own risk!
Yes, this is an ex­ploit. Yes, hun­dreds if not thou­sands of play­ers I know have par­tic­i­pated in this at one point or an­other. Yes, peo­ple have ob­tained hun­dreds of black bul­lions through this process. Yes, this ex­ploit worked when night­mare in­stances dropped only pur­ples. And NO these play­ers have NOT been banned solely due to their grand­mas­ter ac­count stand­ing.

Lastly, If you're cu­ri­ous, I'm post­ing this be­cause I was part of a pub­lic group that dis­cov­ered this by com­plete ac­ci­dent and re­sulted in du­pli­cat­ing 4 copies. Even­tu­ally we ar­rived at the above cre­ative so­lu­tion ul­ti­mately earn­ing us 4 extra black bul­lions. As of now, I'm ac­cused of ex­ploit­ing while 10.4 geared toons run ram­pant in fu­sang. I'm just so sick of gear dif­fer­ence be­tween play­ers who farmed NM's and Pvp while they were hot and the play­ers who got shafted. Just want a bal­anced play­ing field

ps. Spread the Word!

Ya, so per that last bit from the brave OP, I'm now spreading the word. I strongly recommend that all of you reading this should go bitch loud and long on the Funcom general forum about this. I play honestly and I ensure my guild plays honestly with a sense of fair play and no exploiting. And it pisses me off mightily when other players gain an unfair advantage through exploiting, in ways that wreck game economies and imbalance PvP. Not that PvP is all that stellar at the moment, but any player at V-max progression (skill 10 in all equipped weapons and all three talismans,) should encounter an even playing field in PvP environments, and clearly this is not the case at all right now.

So I say, bluntly, fuck all the exploiters and Funcom should damn well perma-ban them even if they are GM lifetime subscribers. What say you?

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