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Yokai - Physical Protection might be more important than my FAQ would imply - 03 Aug 2012 15:39

Tags: tanking updates

The stronger theorycrafters and number crunchers are now starting to ply their craft on the empirical data coming out of Nightmare dungeon runs, and the results so far are making Physical Protection seem much more valuable to main tanks than a simple perusal of my FAQ would imply. Bottom line is that diminishing returns on the damage mitigated per second by each point spent on Protection is conceptually misleading, because the very complex math behind mitigation has shown in other games like WoW that even with these types of easily measurable diminishing returns, the underlying formulas might make it so that there is NO diminishing returns on the "time to live" conferred by Protection. In other words, if we discover that X Protection = Y additional time to live, then 2X Protection = 2Y additional time to live even when you clearly see diminishing returns on the damage mitigated per second by each addtional point you spend on Protection.

For more information on these concepts (and a peek at the hairy math behind them), check out this article by Satrina written for WoW tanks back in the day: http://evilempireguild.org/guides/diminishmath.php

Basically, there are Nightmare-mode tanks here in TSW now asserting that what they observe about Protection so far seems to follow the same basic formula as that used in WoW (for armor mitigation), but perhaps with the constant being derived differently.

What does all this mean in "plain words"? Physical Protection might be very good to prioritize over Defense/Block/Evade. To the point of as much as 1000 total Physical Protection being a "sweet spot" to shoot for (still under debate), with remaining Glyph stat points being spent primarily in Defense, with Block/Evade coming in last and used mainly to ensure a desired number of Block- or Evade-reactive procs (either from abilities or for bosses that are adversely affected when you proc a Block or Evade against them). And remember, you get 249 Physical Protection "for free" from having Skill 10 in Minor Talismans, so that means only +750 Physical Protection needed on your gear glyphs to hit that asserted "sweet spot".

My advice? Keep your eye on the following thread on the official forums. Once the dust settles, I'll be revising my FAQ somewhat based on the results. http://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?t=51071 - Comments: 0

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