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Sarcan and I host our guides and FAQs for The Secret World here because it's really tedious to write and maintain long guides and FAQs inside of forums. Also, this wiki engine offers a built-in Google Translate feature for every page, which can be helpful for TSW's wide international audience. Also, most of the bigger game wikis and guide sites are full of annoying advertising spam, and the wikis can be especially hostile to posting guidance and advice. Here, we can keep everything updated nicely, no one can revert or delete our stuff, and one link from forums will always point to the latest and greatest. Also, this wiki engine renders nicely iPad-friendly websites.

So enjoy what you find under our two respective Guides/FAQs menus, and keep checking this home page regularly for notices about new updates and changes.

BTW, the traffic to this site is not monetized in any way, and you are not subjected to any advertising. This information resource is just a labor of love.

Update notices

Yokai - Added new section on "the end game" to my FAQ - 03 Jul 2012 13:10

Tags: updates

I've seen enough well-intentioned questions about "the end game" on the forums that it seemed useful to add a section about what, exactly, constitutes "end-game" content here in TSW. Enjoy. - Comments: 0

Yokai - Corrected a mis-described synergy combo - 02 Jul 2012 19:39

Tags: updates

The forum poster 2XS found an error in the Synergy combos section of my Build Mechanics guide, where I mistakenly said that 12 Gouge would trigger off the Afflicted state. I made that mistake when I was dissecting my build that had this nice passive stacker of Weakens. 12 Gouge triggers every time you make a Penetrating hit, so it's really a third passive that works well with what I was formerly calling the Affliction - Penetration Booster combo. Hats off to 2XS for letting me know about this goof. ^.^ - Comments: 0

Sarcan - Ability Pages - 02 Jul 2012 19:07

Tags: update

I have added Ability Pages to the wiki as I realize not everyone is willing or able to download files from the web.
Due to the amount of the data and the limit on 200,000 characters per page, I broke the abilities into 4 pages.
Melee Abilities
Magic Abilities
Ranged Abilities
Green Abilities

Enjoy - Comments: 0

Sarcan - Ability Spreadsheet - 01 Jul 2012 19:06

Tags: update

I have added my Ability Spreadsheet to the list of Guides. It is hosted here adn on Google Docs for your use. Hope you find it useful.

I have also add Sarcan's Random Information section where I will be documenting various data. This will include things like theorycraft, cost of inventory expansion and what ever else I think would be good for the community to know. Stay tooned as this area develops. - Comments: 1

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