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Sarcan and I host our guides and FAQs for The Secret World here because it's really tedious to write and maintain long guides and FAQs inside of forums. Also, this wiki engine offers a built-in Google Translate feature for every page, which can be helpful for TSW's wide international audience. Also, most of the bigger game wikis and guide sites are full of annoying advertising spam, and the wikis can be especially hostile to posting guidance and advice. Here, we can keep everything updated nicely, no one can revert or delete our stuff, and one link from forums will always point to the latest and greatest. Also, this wiki engine renders nicely iPad-friendly websites.

So enjoy what you find under our two respective Guides/FAQs menus, and keep checking this home page regularly for notices about new updates and changes.

BTW, the traffic to this site is not monetized in any way, and you are not subjected to any advertising. This information resource is just a labor of love.

Update notices

Yokai - I've removed my "community decks" page - 21 Jun 2012 18:50

Tags: updates

I've removed my former Community decks page, so if you're wondering where it went, that's where. I removed it because I wasn't getting any submissions from anyone else and didn't want it to be a page of "Yokai's decks", lol, and because the abilities and synergies available are in a volatile state right now as Funcom does a lot of last minute balancing and tweaking as they prepare for launch. For example, one of the decks I listed was servicable up to very recently, but now a key ability no longer deserves a slot in a 7/7 build IMO. Next week? Who knows! So rather than focusing on specific decks, I'm taking a different approach and focusing on synergy combos around which you can build decks.
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Please welcome Sarcan as a co-contributor! - 20 Jun 2012 15:23

Tags: updates

The forum poster Sarcan has become a co-contributer to this resource for the player community of The Secret World. We each have separate menu drop-downs for our respective guides, FAQs, and whatnot, and Sarcan can independently post update notices to this blog as he adds new stuff to his section of the site. Those of you not already familiar with Sarcan's work will be, soon enough, and I'm sure you'll appreciate his content. (I can say no more due to NDA ^.^)

For now, our content will be independent of each other so you might see some overlap in some areas, and we might contradict each other here and there. That's okay; consider us the "Siskel and Ebert" of TSW theorycrafters. In the future, when our new content generation has slowed down, we might put our heads together and look at ways to combine our respective content into a more coherent whole.
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Yokai - I've corrected some inaccuracies in the FAQ and expanded on one section - 18 Jun 2012 16:44

Tags: updates

I've corrected some slight inaccuracies in the Stats section of the FAQ, and I've added some new, useful entries in the Efficient early progression and builds section of the FAQ.
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Yokai - Added new "Dimensions, phases, and grouping mechanics" section to the FAQ - 17 Jun 2012 01:38

Tags: updates

I've just added a new section to the FAQ called Dimensions, phases, and grouping mechanics that explains what dimensions are, what phases are, and how to travel to a different dimension and to get an entire group together in the same phase (and dimension).

I'm also in the progress of adding my pick for a solid T1 and "early T2" build to the new Community decks page, but I'm still in process and not quite finished yet.
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Yokai - Added new "Client UI Tips and Tricks" section to the FAQ - 15 Jun 2012 12:44

Tags: updates

I just added a new section to the FAQ called Client UI Tips and Tricks, with some useful stuff.
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Yokai - Added new launcher troubleshooting tip to the FAQ - 14 Jun 2012 21:23

Tags: updates

I've added a new entry to the very last section of the FAQ to help you deal with the occasional problem where the launcher slows to a crawl on the very last resource file download, and possibly even errors out with a Fatal Error during patching. This tip will help most people recover from that sporadic issue very quickly and easily.
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Official launch of this site for Beta Weekend #3 - 14 Jun 2012 17:47

Tags: updates

As of now, all the initial FAQ and guide content is complete. I have fully migrated all the info from my older forum-based guides that I wanted to keep. I've corrected all the formerly wrong information and "guesses" I made in some parts of my original guides, and I've added an entirely new, huge FAQ and a new Talisman mechanics guide that did not exist back in OB weekend's 1 or 2. Enjoy!
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Yokai - FAQ will be under constant revision through June 15 - 13 Jun 2012 03:10

Tags: updates

Just a heads up that if you have found this site already (I haven't really publicized it just yet, but it's available to be found now), be aware that the FAQ is still under development. I will be adding new information and correcting some of the current information that isn't fully accurate just yet. So bear in mind that some of the information you see is provisional and might change a wee bit by the start of Open Beta Weekend #3 on June 15. - Comments: 0

Yokai - Just posted a new guide to TSW talisman mechanics - 10 Jun 2012 12:55

Tags: guides updates

I've just posted a brand new guide for The Secret World. This one explain all the ins and outs of how talismans work, in the sense of game mechanics. - Comments: 0

Yokai - FAQ under development for Beta Weekend 3 - 07 Jun 2012 19:20

Tags: faq updates

I've added an entirely new FAQ for The Secret World that has not appeared anywhere else yet. My goal is to have it ready by the start of Open Beta Weekend 3 on June 15. After I've made enough initial progress on the FAQ, I'll migrate over my old guides and correct their original mistakes in the process. - Comments: 0

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