Yokai - I've given up on TSW

05 Nov 2012 22:47

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Sorry folks, but after a long period of waiting for Funcom to fix the major issues that put up an effective brick wall for casual players and casual guilds, AND trying to rationally argue for some changes that would improve the picture for casual players and casual guilds in the more frank discussions in the TestLive forums, I have given up on Funcom, Joel and crew, and TSW. I won't be making further updates to my side of this site. I won't be "catching up" my content and making it current when Funcom "finally gives me a reason to come back by restoring my faith in this game and in Funcom's stewardship of this game".

Because I won't be coming back. I've grown tired of vague promises of making things better from the devs, who to their credit at least try to dialog with their community and who I know are indeed trying to do their best with limited resources. But I have been stepped on too many times now by their ham-handed forum mods who cannot even be arsed to fix a 3-month old bug with their forum software that prevented me from receiving all PMs since live launch, and by their wholesale deletions of reasoned arguments of mine that involved ZERO personal attack or disrespect against anyone.

Best of luck to Funcom and crew, and best of luck to the player community. It was a great idea. But Arenanet has "drank your milkshake" and with good reason. GW2 has kept my rapt attention for more than 2 months now with no sign of abating, and the same goes for the majority of my guild. The sheer amount of things to do and see in GW2 is nothing short of amazing for the genre.

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