Yokai - More corroboration of possible Hit Rating bug

31 Jul 2012 15:55
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No replies yet from any Funcom dev, but over on the TestLive forum more players are chiming in with feedback that they are definitiely seeing a bug with too much Hit Rating actually causing more glances and evades, not less. The feedback seems to indicate that the magic breaking point is somewhere between 500 and 600 Hit Rating. Here's another example:

I went hit rate on some gear and I am running around 678 or so. The best I can tell is around 600 or 500 somathing does go wrong. i am getting evades and glances in elite runs and even on transylvina mobs. I went hit rate so even when i put on 1 or 2 pecies of tank gear for hps i should be asured to hit nm mobs.

Deffinatly needs to be checked.

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