Yokai - Important update to FAQ description about passive triggering by multi-hit versus single-hit

10 Jul 2012 15:41
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Apparently, I missed an 11th hour decision by the devs late in Closed Beta about how they were fixing the inherent problem with multi-hit abilities. (For most of beta, most multi-hit abilities could trigger far more passive reactions than single-hit abilities, which was clearly imbalanced in PvP.) The last statement I saw/verified from devs near the end of closed beta was that they were changing all passives to trigger only once per activation of an active ability. Apparently they later clarified or changed their mind as follows. (Paraphrasing) "all passives now have an internal cooldown of one second, so that we don't screw over people who use long channels".

I've therefore revised the Why aren't multi-hit abilities inherently better than single-hit abilities? answer in my FAQ, in the Combat Mechanics section.

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