Yokai - Post-Op is either bugged or nerfed, please bug report it

03 Jul 2012 17:03
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Welp. I just got around to picking up Post-Op (Rifle 27 AP), which was formerly in beta one of the cornerstones of decent AR healing. It was working with Anima Shot and Anima Burst right up to launch over on TestLive, but I see now in Live that neither Anima Shot nor Anima Burst is triggering it at all. Perhaps this was an intentional nerf, which is unfortunate since IMO AR was the only adequate healing weapon and Fist and Blood were both nerfed too hard just before launch. But in case it's not a nerf but an unintentional bug, I urge you all to file an in-game bug report that "Post-Op is not triggering when the leech from Anima Shot or Anima Burst ends, so it is effectively worthless at the moment".

Edit: After extensive testing just now (Tuesday afternoon) on TestLive, the best sheer healing output for the fewest healing-based actives and passives is currently as follows:

Actives: Anima Burst (Rifle 16 AP) as your heal+damage builder. Shot of Anima (Rifle 9 AP) as your heal consumer.

Passives: Increased Dosage (Rifle 12 AP) to make Shot of Anima much stronger (the leech component of Shot of Anima is useless), Healing Sparks (Fist 21 AP) to add a moderate +heal to every activation of Anima Burst, and finally, if you have a dependable Affliction mechanic in your build (either Anticoagulant or Bloodsport), then Leech Therapy (Rifle 9 AP) adds another nice +heal to every activation of Shot of Anima.

That's it. Everything else in Rifle is crap by comparison, if you're going for the minimal amount of healing abilities to leave room for other things. Although of course if you're looking to stack as many heals as possible in a pure healing build, then of course there are some other Rifle heals that can be worthwhile additions.

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