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28 Jun 2012 15:31
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Further tweaks and additions as we approach pre-release tomorrow!

  • Added more details about how things work for characters on different dimensions. Check out the Dimensions, instances, and grouping mechanics section of my FAQ. Cabals will be especially relieved to learn that you can invite someone to your cabal regardless of what dimension they "live" on.
  • I added a few more useful Synergy combos to my build mechanics guide, and also added a list of the most useful Subtype passives.
  • I've received quite a few emails asking me to repost the old "Community Decks" page that I started and later pulled from the site for a variety of reasons, or failing that, to at least post my own Blade/Rifle "deck" that I'll be starting with for my initial vertical progression. It's actually difficult to prescribe cookie-cutter decks for people in this game because the game itself challenges you to use several different builds (or variations of a core build) along the way. You'll see. Regardless, since I wanted to record the easy-to-forget details of my own set of five starter decks (tested extensively on TestLive) that I know will be useful during my initial vertical progression, I figured there was no harm in sharing those details. However, I will pull a "Funcom" on you and make it a wee bit of an "Investigation Mission" on this site to find those details. Good luck and have fun!

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