Yokai - I've finished my build mechanics guide with two new sections

26 Jun 2012 19:17
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I was worried I wouldn't finish in time for launch, but I've finally finished adding all the things I wanted to say in my guide on Build Mechanics and Build Philosophy. I had started a new section on Synergy combos earlier, but just finished it today. I've also added an entirely new section called Yokai's advice regarding your first build or two. I think these two new sections provide a much better teaching approach than some of my earlier attempts at describing "newbie decks". To copy a deck blindly doesn't necessary help you understand why it works or how to play it well. To instead learn some basic combos and things that are helpful to know during your initial vertical progression makes it much easier to build a deck around the combos that appeal to you, and actually understand the deck that you've built. Enjoy!

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