Please welcome Sarcan as a co-contributor!

20 Jun 2012 15:23
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The forum poster Sarcan has become a co-contributer to this resource for the player community of The Secret World. We each have separate menu drop-downs for our respective guides, FAQs, and whatnot, and Sarcan can independently post update notices to this blog as he adds new stuff to his section of the site. Those of you not already familiar with Sarcan's work will be, soon enough, and I'm sure you'll appreciate his content. (I can say no more due to NDA ^.^)

For now, our content will be independent of each other so you might see some overlap in some areas, and we might contradict each other here and there. That's okay; consider us the "Siskel and Ebert" of TSW theorycrafters. In the future, when our new content generation has slowed down, we might put our heads together and look at ways to combine our respective content into a more coherent whole.

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