About Yokai

I posted as Yokai on the official forums and on the TestLive (closed beta0 forums before walking away from The Secret World for good in early November 2012. I was Dragon (hence the green color theme here).

I currently play GW2 exclusively. It's an awesome game. The next MMO I look forward to is Wildstar.

I've been playing MMOs since Asheron's Call 1, and I've played nearly all triple-A titles and many other minor titles, including several that never even made it to release. I'm not a raider and typically hate raiding and raiding-centric MMOs, preferring instead the more freeform "sandbox" types of MMOs. I also used to strongly prefer free-for-all PvP servers, and still consider Asheron's Call Darktide server as one of the best multiplayer games I've ever played.

Those of you who played AC1 and AC2 might remember a Red Monika, who was part of the team that reverse-engineered the taper system used for Magic in AC1, and who fully documented the system for the AC1 community. Yes, that was me, but Red Monika is no more and I'm strictly a low-key casual player these days.

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